Your guide to plant based living

About Us

Who are we?

  • The welfare of complex living beings who are constantly being exploited.
  • The preservation of the environment by lowering our impact upon it.
  • The creation of sustainable food systems which will alleviate socio-economic problems.

Making the ethical transition from a typical western diet to a vegetarian diet, and finally, a vegan diet is one which requires much dedication and passion. We hope to provide help, support and guidance to those on this heroic path.

We chose this name as we believe organic food can make a difference in your life while having a vegan diet can drastically improve your body health even further. We feel that a vegan lifestyle is a natural choice to make when thinking about your health. Meanwhile, those who enjoy healthy eating and living we want to develop a space where they can come to a find like-minded people. Knowing that you are not alone and are part of a collective of people to help you makes you confident and motivated. We urge you to continue on your journey towards better living through food.

Our team is from all over the world with a broad array of life experiences, but what binds us is the belief that amazing food makes excellent lives. If you wish to be part of the team, please do contact us and we’ll love to know what is on your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There are so many vegan websites, why did you start another vegan website?

A: We’ve noticed that there is a focus on many blogs and websites on vegan food and how to cook dishes. While this is useful, it doesn’t inform the reader on how to apply the concept of veganism to a broader array of challenges in life; how do vegans invest in the stock market? How do vegans travel to exotic places? How do vegans approach non-vegans? All of these need answering

Q: What software do you use to run the website?

A: We currently use WordPress with a custom theme.

Q: What topics will your site cover?

A: We will cover a range of topics, from food, products, zero waste culture, organic foods, and how to change your life for the better.