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Do you want to further the cause of a more ethical lifestyle? Well, you’re in the right place. We encourage all our readers to be part of the message and publish with us. It’s easy and we are keen to receive high quality articles. Even if you define yourself as a photographer, a poet or a social media guru, we still need you!  We appreciate the time you spend supporting our cause and adding your talents to what we have built.

Guidelines aren’t much fun, but sometimes they’re necessary so that we are all on the same page.

We’ve kept them short and to the point; so you can get uploading new articles as quickly as possible. Please read the guidelines and editorial considerations before submitting your post.

For additional help you can contact the Editor using:
editor [AT] organicallyvegan [DOT] com

General Content Guidelines

  1. Have fun writing meaningful, unique content for an intelligent audience and promote yourself as a leader in your subject.
  2. If your articles are prescient we will promote it the the front page and spread your piece to social media
  3. Republishing material to Organically Vegan is a big no-no.
  4. Please do not republish your work elsewhere.
  5. Please keep articles in good taste and positive.
  6. All links are automatically no-follow.
  7. Our funds are limited so we can only pay contributors in exceptional cases.
  8. We cannot accept advertorials or paid article submissions.
  9. Organically Vegan may alter your original post as appropriate.
  10. Organically Vegan isn’t liable for any potential legal liability that may stem from publishing your content.
  11. Organically Vegan reserves the right to remove articles or revoke contributor status at any time.
  12. You are free to spread the word of your article on social media to generate exposure.

Editorial Considerations

  • To ensure you have a chance to be published, please do submit articles that are 600 words at a minimum.
  • Do not duplicate content from other sources or be overly promotional.
  • Please do target your article to fit within one of our topics.

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