Whether you have a backyard garden or just a window sill to place some potted plants on, you can grow some delicious and nutritious herbs. They can grow in many conditions, you just have to be wary of how to grow them, because not all plants grow the same way. Like with any garden, each plant needs a different type of soil, sunlight, and water quantity, so focusing on that will determine whether you have fresh herbs, or a wilted mess.

Growing from seed might be something that a lot of gardeners would like to do, but if you are inexperienced, it might be better to start off by purchasing the starter plant for almost the same cost as the seeds. Some grocery stores even sell fresh seasonal herbs to buy.
Fresh herbs can be easy to grow, and can help save you money in the long term. Here are some of the easiest to deal with


Mint is a great and very versatile plant. It works well in many recipes, from teas and desserts, to savory dishes. It is very easy to grow, and will withstand even places that get very little sun.
However, it needs to be well watered and regularly picked. These will provide you with a lot of Mint leaves year after year, and after winter, you can cut it into multiple segments, and replant them for more mint plants that you can either keep for yourself, or give/sell to others. However, be careful, because there are many different varieties of mint.


Basil is a great beginner herb, as it is good for bouncing back if you water it too much (or not enough). This herb needs plenty of sunlight, and love warm weather and well drained soil. It tastes great in soups and pasta dishes.


Chives can be used as a garnish, but it is best to get the most out of this herb’s flavor. It works great in salads and soups, but it tastes fantastic in a vegan cheese. Many vegan spreadable cheese use this herb, which often gets raving reviews.
Just make sure that this herb gets 4 to 5 hours of sunlight daily, and that their soil is pretty damp.


Parsley lasts for 2 years before it flowers and dies, and can take a little while to start growing from its seed form. However, it can provide a lot of fresh herbs, and works great in dishes like homemade Pesto, and delicious vegan ravioli.


Coriander is a much more difficult herb to grow, because it flowers really quickly, regardless of what you do to delay it. It plants in the spring and needs a fair amount of sunlight.
This is a really fresh tasting herb that can be used in many dishes, including soups and salsa’s. It makes a great addition for veggie burgers, to give it a delicious and light flavor.

Growing herbs is something any novice gardener can do if they have the materials. They are very simple, and can provide a great deal of product. Make sure that when you try to grow plants, that they are grown in soil that provides a great deal of nutrients, otherwise the plants will go hungry, and die. Making sure that you have the best environment for your herbs to grow in is crucial, and helps you to have delicious herbs at the end of the day.